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VODKER ready to drink cocktails in a can started by active people who wanted a mixed cocktail while away from a restaurant or bar. On a sailboat, golfing ,or camping for instance. It’s hard to bring all the ingredients for a quality cocktail on the go. Thus, VODKER emerged as the solution—a meticulously crafted libation that offers convenience without compromising on taste.

We curated a collection of inventive cocktails steeped in tradition. Each sip tells a story, while our innovative approach ensures a delicious experience in every can. Our first cocktail is named VODKER and Cran, in a can! What’s not to like, man! 

Our commitment to sugar-conscious recipes is evident in signature concoctions like Ginnin’ Juice, artfully sweetened with Stevia. However, certain classic cocktails demand the touch of pure cane sugar, such as our esteemed Italian Spritz, meticulously crafted for an authentic taste experience. 

Stay tuned for further VODKER cocktails that are designed to please everyone in your group of friends and family. Raise a can, toast to the extraordinary, and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. Cheers!

Tim Ready


Our first drink, VODKER and Cran, we use monk fruit and Stevia for sweeteners. This allows us to keep the serving at 99 calories, two servings per can. At 10% ABV, our drinks are meant to be shared, so each 12oz can contains two servings. We always use only 100% natural ingredients, and our drinks are Gluten free too. Future drink flavors will focus on flavor first, so sometimes we may need to use agave or cane sugar as a sweetener. We will always have the sweetener type on the can, so you will know what’s inside! Please drink responsibly. Our canned cocktails are 10% ABV which is considered on the high side of ABV. We like to call it a Country Club Pour™.

Perfect balance of taste and quality.

John Smith, Bartender

The One That Started It All.

Indulge in the timeless classic that started it all with Vodker and Cran, our signature vodka cranberry in a can. Immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of premium vodka and the tangy embrace of cranberry juice. Crafted with utmost care, each can captures the essence of our original company cocktail. The vibrant crimson hue and irresistible flavor combination will elevate any occasion, from lively gatherings to serene moments of relaxation. With Vodker and Cran, we bring you the ultimate blend of tradition and convenience, so you can savor the refreshing taste wherever your adventures take you.

vodka aperol

European Summer In A Can.

Savor the true essence of Italy with Vodker, the exquisite blend of zesty orange flavor, sparkling wine notes, and the smoothness of 6x distilled premium vodka. Packaged in a stylish orange can, our carbonated creation delivers a refreshing experience with each sip. Crafted using pure cane sugar, it’s the perfect companion for your social gatherings, outdoor adventures, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Sip, Savor and soak in the sunshine - Citrus Infused Gin Elixir, Perfected.

Unlock the spirit of LA from Venice Beach to the East Side with Ginnin’ Juice, a captivating elixir that embodies the essence of California’s iconic coastal haven. Immerse yourself in the natural citrus flavors, masterfully blended with premium 6x distilled gin. Indulge guilt-free as our low-calorie creation is sweetened with stevia, without any added sugar. With every sip, transport yourself to the carefree atmosphere of Southern California, where life’s moments are meant to be savored.


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120 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, Ca 92660
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